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A. Mehmood
A. Mehmood
Programming: BASIC
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

This compiler was featured in a trio of Popular Computing Weekly articles in April this year. It doesn't come with any instructions, so you'll need a copy of PopCW Volume 4 No 17, and ideally the two following issues as well. A simple demonstration game is supplied on the other side of the tape.

Compiler is written in BASIC, so it works very slowly, and line numbers below 1000 are reserved for the compiler program. As soon as an error is found a message is printed and compilation stops. The messages are usually quite helpful, but the stop is annoying since you have to start again to find the next error, and this might involve a wait of several minutes.

At £2.75 this is not a bad low-cost compiler, and would probably be useful for 'spicing up' BASIC program. It is a shame that it doesn't allow for FOR ... NEXT loops or even PRINTing of strings. The poor timings it achieves on the Benchmarks result from the fact that Spectrum's very slow, built-in 'division' routine is used.


Not Rated

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Eight standard BenchMark programs were used in the comparison; timings for the execution of each benchmark program are given in seconds, with the speedup ratios achieved by each of the compilers printed on a grey background.


BM1: 4.9

BM2: 9.0

BM3: 21.9

BM4: 20.7

BM5: 25.2

BM6: 62.8

BM7: 90.0

BM8: 25.0


BM1: * (0x)

BM2: 0.065 (138x)

BM3: 9.0 (2.4x)

BM4: 4.2 (4.9x)

BM5: 4.2 (6.0x)

BM6: * (0x)

BM7: * (0x)

BM8: * (0x)


BM1: 1.75 (2.8x)

BM2: 2.1 (4.3x)

BM3: 8.7 (2.5x)

BM4: 9.4 (2.2x)

BM5: 9.4 (2.7x)

BM6: 19.7 (3.2x)

BM7: 24.0 (3.8x)

BM8: 22.5 (1.1x)


BM1: 0.058 (84x)

BM2: 0.076 (118x)

BM3: 0.57 (38x)

BM4: 0.98 (21x)

BM5: 0.99 (25x)

BM6: 1.32 (48x)

BM7: * (0x)

BM8: * (0x)


BM1: 0.043 (113x)

BM2: 0.097 (93x)

BM3: 0.62 (35x)

BM4: 0.90 (23x)

BM5: 0.92 (27x)

BM6: 1.17 (54x)

BM7: 1.47 (61x)

BM8: * (0x)

ZIP 1.5

BM1: 0.031 (158x)

BM2: 0.064 (141x)

BM3: 0.194 (113x)

BM4: 0.108 (192x)

BM5: 0.115 (219x)

BM6: 0.29 (235x)

BM7: 0.46 (191x)

BM8: * (0x)