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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Sumner, Kati Hamza
Chris Bourne

The evil leader Rogorf is causing havoc on the planet Cerius. In a dastardly attempt to get the necessary iron ore to make his army of Phibiatrons even more powerful, he has enslaved the planet's peaceful people and has forced them into the mines. Not surprisingly, you are the planet's only hope.

You enter your armoured Avenger V4 and set off on your journey through Rogort's complex. The series of flickscreen platforms and walkways is divided into different sections each of which is guarded by a particularly fierce Phibiatron. These guards must be defeated to gain a letter of the scrambled code which gives access to the next level. Meanwhile other Phibiatrons fly in from the left, firing missiles. Each direct hit or collision reduces power points. Once power reaches zero the game is lost.

The player's tank is equipped with an initial armoury of 40 missiles and one bomb. Entering ammunition pods boosts weapon supplies while other pods increase the tank's equipment or provide extra energy.

At the end of each level, which must be completed within a given time limit, the screen prompts you to enter the appropriate code. Unscramble the letters you have collected, type them in and you're well on your way to Rogorf's lair.


'If I ever imagined an Exolon-looking budget game then this would be it. Just like Exolon, Cerius is very attractive (although contains less variation) and smartly presented. Initially the game is quite puzzling, but after a few games, with a bit of planning, you can easily complete the first few levels. It's sad to see such a small play area but the scrolling is smooth and the graphics colourful. After a rest, Atlantis have come back to the market with a great little game.' PAUL ... 70%

'Apart from the fact that the playing area only takes up about a quarter of the screen, Genus is enjoyable and competently presented. The graphics are colourful, the Phibiatrons are carefully drawn and the gameplay is complicated enough to keep you playing for more than a couple of hours. In the end, though, it probably won't be much longer than that. Very much like a watered down version of Exolon, Cerius doesn't present that high a challenge and your Initial enthusiasm is more likely to be wooed away by one of the faster, more demanding games on your shelf. Still - it's fun while it lasts and, for £1.99, definitely worth a try.' KATI ... 68%

Joysticks: Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: very colourful with intricate detail on all characters and scenery
Sound: above average title tune and spot effects
General Rating: A smart Exolon clone at a cheap price.