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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Gwyn Hughes
Chris Bourne

Does this sound like Mission Impossible? The Anti-Nuclear Party has reprogrammed your favourite reactor's robots to attack all humans, meanwhile the radioactive rods are set to meltdown in just thirty minutes. This synopsis will self-destruct in ten seconds!

Presumably the silly plot is somebody's idea of political satire. Still, it provides a hook on which to hang a fast moving arcade and maze game, whichever side of the nuclear power fence you should choose. (I prefer the lead-lined one, away from the reactor, myself!)

It could be that your radiation suit lacks real designer flair or maybe you really are as bland as you look, but the central sprite is unbelievably blocky and monochrome. At least you're armed with a machine gun and a jetpack, and you'll need them both to avoid the android perils of the powerplant.

The building has seven storeys, each linked by lifts and holes in the floor, which let you drop back towards the vault, into which you have to kick the rods. If you're really skilled you can float across the pit and release them as you go.

Meanwhile your radiation level increases every time you're hit by a robot or when you push an isotope. There are decontamination showers on every level, but as you have to clear the place in half an hour you can't afford to stop for a sing in the bath! That's basically all there is to the game. It's just a question of mapping, shooting and dodging, all against an incredibly tight time limit.

Though the rooms themselves are interesting shapes and pleasantly uncluttered, there's nothing really exciting about the graphics.

If you're into maze games this should provide some fun, but anybody else may find that it looks rather old-fashioned.

Map and blast maze game in neat 3-D but it'll look too old-fashioned to make most people melt down!